"If they could create art, they wouldn’t be teaching it."
- Trent Lane, Daria





Merthyr Rock by Nadine Ballantyne

oh my god this photo is so ridiculously cute i love all of them

Anonymous: We Are The Dynamite or Start The Party? 
Make me choose between:
  • Two bands
  • Two band members
  • Two eras
  • Two songs
  • Two albums
  • Two anything else (band related)

We Are The Dynamite!

Until very recently it was my favourite of The Blackout’s albums…

I have had the best summer ever and I have The Blackout to thank for that. I don’t think I can ever put into words how much they mean to me, but there really is no better band in the world. I will never get tired of seeing them. Can’t wait for the Wolves tour next month!

Today I saw my favourite band live for the fortieth time. It was a fantastic show, as always, and was the perfect way to bring the best summer holidays of my life to an end. I can’t say I really want to go back to uni tomorrow, this summer has been WAY too much fun…
I love The Blackout so much, and I really cannot wait for tour next month.

Sorry for posting so much of this but Saturday was probably the best day of my life… There really is no better band than The Blackout, I love those boys more than anything <3